Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pennies for thoughts

I get so easily distracted. And then it becomes a task to organize my thoughts into a working order.
When I started this blog I thought I wanted it to be a DIY blog, or at the very least, a fashion blog. I did my research and knew what to do to make it work... But I didn't do it. What happened? You ask.

For a while I blamed a lack of inspiration and a dip in my creativity mojo juices, but the honest truth is, I got lazy. I lost the passion and gusto that initially inspired this project. Maybe I was over eager and underestimated the amount of work and dedication that goes into a blog, but here I am finally facing the consequential reality of my failing blog.

As of the new year, if I cannot consistently keep this blog updated and interactive for at least the first three months. I will definitely shut it down and express myself via more old school means