Sunday, November 27, 2011

Foot forward

Rage shoes, White shirt/woolworths, sweater/mr price

This year I've been trying quite hard to be less materialistic, to buy quality and not quantity, and to reuse what I can. But when I saw these shoes I just couldn't resist. Not only are they sexy but they fit like a dream and I'm sure the world over knows how heels can kill a girl's feet. I do wish they were a more versatile colour like black but this off white colour will do just as well.
And as for the sweater and shirt, well, I've been drifting towards the androgynous look as seen herehere and  here and I've been looking around for plain white shirts to start me off. 
Maybe sometime soon you'll see the whole look come together.

Have a great week

Friday, November 25, 2011

To Rome To Roam

By Binta

To roam to rome? 
To rome to roam? 
The mind to mind? 
Y mind what doesn't, 
My mind shouldn't. 
Why bind wat shouldn't? 
In a bind? I wouldn't! 

Poet, I be not, rhyme I think naught. 
Of rhymes n lines I see bores and whines, 
For wines and dime they do have my mind! 

To rome, we roam, 
Tis but thy home, 
Fine italian women, 
Togas n linen... 
Whoops old days 
Ceasers n old ways!!! 
Its popes n bishops, 
Bibles n bookshops! 

In my mind now, let's roam 
N oh its no rome! 
There's demons in ditches, n boil filled witches! 
Dark n deep, these dreadlocks do keep, 
Unseen things n fiends, 
Wriggling squirming, these vermin never sleep. 
How do I begin, to tell 
Of nightmares in hell? 

To roam in rome, 
Of smiles n sunny homes, 
Alas, my tale has come to a halt, 
For I cannot 
Spare another thought, 
For rome dear rome...... 

Is not my home...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Colour me pretty

This is my friend Cindy who's absolutely mad about animal print[and maybe colour too]

 A surprising pop of colour feels just right for summer. Don't you think?

Monday, November 14, 2011

The blogging experience

Generic eyeliner, Kangol Wild length lashes lash extend, Clinique high impact mascara in Black, lipstick [got it free with a magazine although I cant wear that shade] 
 As I try to persist with this blog, I'm only just realising how much goes into maintaining a decent blog, and I do hope this is a decent blog. There is the issue of trying not to step on anyone's toes when you repost their posts or use their images while still sourcing fresh and new material to appeal to readers... hmph, I hope I can live up to the challenge.

Well, here's a short tale on how I started blogging anyway, and what it has been like so far...