Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daggers and dragons


In the north there is a beauty; surpassing the world, she stands alone. A glance from her will overthrow a city; another glance will overthrow a nation. One would rather not know whether it will be a city or nation overthrown. As it would be hard to see a beauty like this again.
Li Yannian (李延年

I'm not often a martial arts fan but I recently stumbled across Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon...And yes, I know I'm about 10 yeras late but I found myself enthralled. What can I say, I'm as ucker for a good story. And that's how I landed on House of Flying Daggers. I'm such a sucker for romance and a good story. Where has chivalry gone?! Where is the honor and passion that led people to die for what they believe in?
Sigh. How can I be nostalgic for a past I never lived?

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