Friday, October 21, 2011

MIND AND SOUL by Semeret Haile Hiruy

I think I know you but you know me
Showing you me is what i hate
Ye shalt not dare to show the heart
It is for fools to be so sweet
If i don't believe it will i regret
for not listening when i was hurt
Yet happy souls say go on show it
When you are you it will work out
What is certain it is so odd
If hot is good so can be cold
Love is good for love brings love
Love also brings the need to have

Isn't to have is to possess
The strongest need we must not confess
Need for the soul can not be earned
Should need be asked or should it be begged

It might hurt you to speak your mind
To fill your soul you risk your pride
It is pain full need isn't good
If one can't speak why should one need
Pride is for fools there is only fate
It wont matter when soul finds mate
To hell with pride soul must be fed
A soul in need needs a friend indeed

If you think so why do you doubt
Go on confess say it be blunt
To fill your soul you need some love
You are so empty you have no life
All souls are half and i am alone
Lets join our souls lets make them one

Are you relived there you have said it
You said you are weak there is no secret
You are no more strong you are empty inside
You cant live no more you can't survive
You are so desperate you are in need
You need you asked you prayed you begged

Two souls are half that is correct
These two will be one when they shall meet
There is something that you forget
One soul have pride your soul doesn't
You are a quarter now you are incomplete
Less than half soul look how you have lost

You remember now it was all good
Much better when you never need

Need takes over soul when there is none
None is felt when soul needs mate

None or full need or pride
All are empty what is to decide

We need we want we need we fall
A longing heart a confused mind a wounded soul

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  1. It seems you like Mind and soul. I would love it if you also read “independent love” by the same author.
    P.s I like your blogs