Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aspiring ambition

Made this dress for a friend of mine (she altered the bottom) and she looked too good in it for me not to share

It has taken a while for me to finally feel like I have grown into myself, into the person I aspired to be. I just recently finished a big, REALLY big project (sewing 10 dresses in 2-3 weeks, not counting the two extra dresses I had to do last minute…) and I have to say, I’m reveling in this encompassing feeling of having successfully achieved something. I have achieved acknowledgement from my peers, and appreciation for the effort I put into my work.
I can’t help but have this cat-satisfied smile on my face as I bask in the congratulations and simple praises. The dresses themselves were nothing fancy, barely elevated from casual dresses by the use of colour blocking: but even I was quite skeptical when I volunteered in the beginning on whether or not I could get everything done in time. I am very glad (and proud) though, that my over-ambitiousness paid off and all I have to do now is actually try and make a monetary profit from the dresses.
A special thank you to my ever supportive siblings and friends who kept on insisting I couldn’t fail. If for nothing else, I couldn’t let all of you down. My back on the other hand, won’t be thanking you for a few weeks.

Ps: A dear friend and reader, shout-out to Marlon, suggested I blog about something I’m clueless about, like rugby. I wonder how I could ever integrate rugby into wr3ckreation. Any suggestions?  

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