Friday, March 15, 2013


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I am predictable, I know. And yes, I am very easily influenced by the people and events around me. I might try to deny it, and pretend to be diffrent. But the honest truth is; I am just as unique as everyone else. (oxymoron right there!)....
And as usual, as everyone becomes a little disenchanted with fashion and all things sartorial towards the end of summer, so I have I found myself thinking about the vain and superficial obsessions with current trends and all the pretty clothes. Hence to save any sort of common sense and individuality I still have left, I have turned my attention to the space I live in. A much more sensible and less superficial preoccupation, don't you think?

So well here I go: into a downward spiral into all things feng shui and and interior deco. Stay tuned.... I just might give this diy a go.
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