Monday, November 14, 2011

The blogging experience

Generic eyeliner, Kangol Wild length lashes lash extend, Clinique high impact mascara in Black, lipstick [got it free with a magazine although I cant wear that shade] 
 As I try to persist with this blog, I'm only just realising how much goes into maintaining a decent blog, and I do hope this is a decent blog. There is the issue of trying not to step on anyone's toes when you repost their posts or use their images while still sourcing fresh and new material to appeal to readers... hmph, I hope I can live up to the challenge.

Well, here's a short tale on how I started blogging anyway, and what it has been like so far...

I don't remember the exact moment I fell in love with blogging, but I remember the first blog I ever read, keiko lynn. I found myself regularly checking back to see not only what she was wearing but also what was going on in her life. From there i discovered define deliriumthe moon child and the ball just kept rolling. Reading these inspirational [i wrote this for you] and personal blogs made feel familiar with the writers and this new world just opened up to me.

From the DIY blogs [.outsapop...lovemaegan] I was inspired to put my creativity to good use. I no longer felt as oppressed in this little part of namibia as I used to.I even learned to sew and I'm working on improving my photography right now. Above all else, I have learned to use what I have and to reuse what I don't need anymore.

I feel I have become a more rounded person. A special thank you to all bloggers, you really do inspire

practice run with my camera. Had these for quite a while.


  1. Proud of you. Your blog is coming along nicely