Friday, November 25, 2011

To Rome To Roam

By Binta

To roam to rome? 
To rome to roam? 
The mind to mind? 
Y mind what doesn't, 
My mind shouldn't. 
Why bind wat shouldn't? 
In a bind? I wouldn't! 

Poet, I be not, rhyme I think naught. 
Of rhymes n lines I see bores and whines, 
For wines and dime they do have my mind! 

To rome, we roam, 
Tis but thy home, 
Fine italian women, 
Togas n linen... 
Whoops old days 
Ceasers n old ways!!! 
Its popes n bishops, 
Bibles n bookshops! 

In my mind now, let's roam 
N oh its no rome! 
There's demons in ditches, n boil filled witches! 
Dark n deep, these dreadlocks do keep, 
Unseen things n fiends, 
Wriggling squirming, these vermin never sleep. 
How do I begin, to tell 
Of nightmares in hell? 

To roam in rome, 
Of smiles n sunny homes, 
Alas, my tale has come to a halt, 
For I cannot 
Spare another thought, 
For rome dear rome...... 

Is not my home...

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