Thursday, July 26, 2012

Waiting on the world

I was one of those kids...the over achievers.The ones who tried everything, read all the books, got the good marks and were on everyone's good side. And this kid grew into an over ambitious power hungry young lady. I could blame it on my small stature and always feeling the need to prove myself equal to anyone else, but deep down I always felt I was destined for greatness and the rest of the world just didn't know it yet.

Well, through my past and very recent trouble with wr3ckreation, I have persevered because of this conviction. After having started and failed at a couple of things I felt like to give up once more was not an option. I had to work harder...and harder till I made something of it.

Eventually I hope I will get there.But in the meantime...I'm just waiting on the world.

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