Saturday, September 1, 2012


Ps. The best gift a lady can own is exclusivity.
I had a purse that was still pretty much functional but was faded and old. Here's me giving it a new lease on life.
An old purse/wallet
Old magazine that you're willing to cut up (I had two copies of this October 2011 Glamour so I decided to use one)
All purpose glue
Clear nail polish
Other nail polish optional

I first painted the "bridge" of the purse since I did not want to glue images over it, and let the polish dry. (I added a second coat and clear nail polish later.)
While the polish dried, I cut out pictures from the magazine that caught my eye. I especially liked the pinks and the greens together so I kind of went with that scheme.

I glued the cut-out pictures onto the wallet. first in a random order, then layering them to get a more creative effect.

Once the whole purse was covered, I trimmed around the edges and neatened any pics that were not "sitting" right.

After the glue had dried, I went over the purse with clear nail polish to give it that shine. I let it dry. You can go over it a second time if you feel like it, but I didn't.
Et Voila!
 An exclusive work of art...

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