Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's a wrap!

I just couldn't help myself with that post title. After having been inspired, albeit after the fact, by this post, I found myself falling in love with wrap skirts. They are so versatile and never look the same twice. And the bonus is, with me being so petite, I don't have to worry about sizes, its a perfect fit.

Forgive that unsightly bump in the middle. Forgot to smooth it out
I usually buy a meter of fabric that comes off the roll as 2 m across[width] and I love to wear this black one higher on the waist, almost in a high-waisted fashion.

Lengths and styles are so easy to vary just by varying the wrapping style

All the three skirts are of different fabrics and I don't think any of them are jersey. But they all have a little stretch, which means they work just fine. This green one is made of polyester I think.

This red works just as well as a turban and feels must softer than the other skirts. It also stretches both across and parallel to the grain. I could say its my favourite.
 The biggest issue I have come across is fastening the end securely. You can use a pretty brooch, a safety pin  or even just tuck it under. I often get away with not using any fastenings but it can be quite risky. I just try to not wiggle around too much and most times I will make it to the end of the day without a wardrobe malfunction.

In the past I have paired these skirts with a tank top, a frilly semi formal top and a loose, slightly over-sized blouse. A pair of heels is just the cherry on the cake.

Are you inspired to get your own wrap skirt?

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