Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Days of poetry: Synergy of love - Mark R Slaughter

We can't ignore the fact that Valentine's Day is coming up. It's everywhere you look. And although I'm not so big on the whole idea, I thought it would be a good idea to take this time to share some meaningful poetry. For the next seven days or so I'll share some poems that have struck a chord with me. Not all will be love poems but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Synergy of love

'Were you honed from poetry? '
I asked your saddened smile.
For it seems to tell a longing tale -
One of words in oratory 
That speaks in languid metaphors
From lips of mind in deep despair
And solitude from inner wars
That over time has rendered life so frail.

'Were you carved from doleful prose? '
I sought to ask your gaze, 
For a pain lies deep within your eyes -
One of barren territory
Where no fair heart could ever drift
And hope to venture back content
With grateful memories in a gift - 
A land of your affectional demise.

'Do I hear a mournful hum? '
I wondered of your cry, 
For it sings a song of deep lament -
One of quiet soliloquy
Recited on deserted strands
To waves that have no sense of song
And only wish to fight the sands -
A chant that cites emotional descent. 

Do you know your face portrays
The colours of your soul? 
It tells me at a single glance 
Of how you burned your furnace whole
To stay the fire in our romance.

And see the prismic hues they bore! 
I cherished all I ever saw: 
Mauve of mystic; browns of rustic; 
Reddened tones to match your blush; 
Marine of passion, spending out your being, 
Leaving you for ashen embers, fleeing
The dying light in hush of night.
And how you lay there empty.

So let me help re-grow the flowers 
Once erect in fiery showers! 
For now I've seen what love can do
When torn asunder - oh my catastrophic blunder! 

But we must realise - 
Our flaming want is meant to be! 
We are the ocean and the sea; 
The earth and moon; the sturdy tree: 
All that makes the 'You and Me.'
And this is why I ache. 
I wish to start again with thee, 
In close and gripping 
Synergy of love.

 Mark R Slaughter 2009

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