Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Path of Dreams - Eugene Woodbury

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This is the first time (I think) that I'm writing about a book I've read. But something about this particular one caught my eye. It is a romantic story about a Japanese American young woman and an American man she glimpses at a train station. The story tells of how their lives become intertwined and how their love binds them together.

Even though it is centered around Mormonism, I personally feel that the concepts expressed could apply to all of Christianity. And for those who are not overly zealous believers, the storyline and the blending of the different cultures and the presentation of characters make it worth a read. 

                                                                             My longing for you
                                                                                is too strong to bind
                                                                            So do not blame me
                                                                             when I go to you at night
                                                                              on the path of dreams
                                                                                           -Ono no Komachi

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