Monday, October 1, 2012

Cat-eye Sunglasses

Warning: this is an impertinent post!

I didn't know a pair of sunglasses could make all the difference. On my recent trip to Cape town, my sister and I stumbled upon a street vendor selling some not so average sunglasses and I bought myself a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. They weren't anything unique or expensive but I was pretty pleased with my purchase.

Now I live in a not-so-urban part of the country and I can barely, just barely speak the language (which is frustrating cause everyone refuses to speak English) but I get by. And yet for some reason, ever since I started sporting these new sunglasses even the usually stubborn taxi drivers automatically speak to me in English. I get a different vibe now. I could say there is an inflection of respect in their address but that would be stretching it a bit: Nothing else has changed. I still have my long old braids and my skin is as dark as ever.

Is there something special about these sunglasses?

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